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  • What is calisthenics?

    Calisthenics is an artistic sport unique to Australia, and is a great alternative to dancing. Calisthenics offers routines choreographed to music and performed on stage in costumes. These can incorporate modern dance, singing, acting, exercises with and without apparatus, marching, simplified ballet, and modified gymnastic movements. Calisthenics truly has something for everyone!

  • When and how often are classes?

    Classes are held once a week for each age group. Please see our classes page for details.

  • What about during school holidays?

    Classes run during school holidays. Classes do not run over Easter or on Melbourne Cup Day – your coach will advise you of any alterations to lesson times/days. Classes end for the year Mid-November, and resume early February.

  • Are competitions compulsory?

    Melton is a competitive club, and requires all participants to compete. Competing promotes a sense of team participation and belonging, and helps the participants learn the principles of teamwork and good sportsmanship, as well as building confidence by performing on stage.

  • Where and when are competitions held?

    Competitions are held anywhere between July and October each year. Some competitions are held relatively close by in suburbs such as Moonee Ponds, Essendon and Broadmeadows, and some further away in the Eastern suburbs. Our State Championships are sometimes held in Bendigo.

    The competitions entered vary depending on age group, available competitions and when particular competitions are likely to be held. Each team competes in approximately five competitions each year.

  • Will I have to make costumes?

    Melton has a small team of sewers who take care of all the costuming needs of each team. If you are unable to sew, don’t worry! But if you can, we’d love you to help out our “sewing mums”! We appreciate any help families are able to offer, whether it be making costumes, props, transporting things (and participants!) to competitions, etc, and encourage all families to contribute what they can.

  • Can boys do calisthenics?

    Boys up to the age of 12 are welcome to participate.

  • What should I/my child wear to class?

    Black leotards should be worn at all times, and are available to purchase at class. In cold weather participants are welcome to wear footless or stirrup tights (to prevent slipping over) and crossovers. It’s important that practice clothes are tight-fitting so that coaches can easily see the participant’s body movements and ensure they are being performed correctly and without risk of injury. Hair must be tied up at all times.

  • What make-up will my daughter have to wear?

    For competitions, stage rehearsal, photo day and concerts, participants wear foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and leg tan. This can vary between age groups, as can the colours needed. Older age groups also wear tights for competitions.

  • What qualifications do the coaches have?

    All our coaches are Level 1 qualified, hold First Aid Certificates and Working With Children Checks.

  • What do the fees cover? What other costs are there?

    Fees cover classes (including additional classes) and costume hire for the year. There is an additional annual CV (Calisthenics Victoria) registration fee each year. Other costs include: Uniform, Make-up, Body Suit/Tights, Wigs/Shoes (if required)

    Competition entry is included for all participants, parents/guardians and friends/family are required to pay to enter competitions.

  • What kind of fundraisers do you do?

    Melton runs several fundraising events each year such as a trivia night and shopping tour, which are also a great opportunity to socialise with other participants and families at the club.